World’s Top 5 smartphones

5 smartphones that still remember the whole world

If the gadgets are the most used in this world, then surely it is a smartphone. This day is becoming important to every thing in our life every day and without it it seems like we have lost something like this. When the mobile started, nobody had any idea that we would be completely dependent on this later. In this article we are telling you that there were many mobile phones in the beginning, who stunned the world with their technology and today even the whole tech world feels proud of these phones.

1) Clamshell Phones

Mobile phone trends started with this phone which was launched in 1984. This phone took 10 hours to charge, where it was only 30 minutes. Only 30 people could have the number of stores in this phone, and at that time it was worth 4000 dollars. This was the first clamshell phone to cost $ 1000. It was a 2G phone with 4×15 display. Apart from this there was a Vibration Alert and 500 MAH battery.

2) Nokia 3310

It was the most fun phone used to be used all over the world and it had to be charged once in 20 days. It was known for its strength and had a capacity of 50 messages. This Nokia phone was a benchmark for all phones. This phone featured features like Express-On Cover and Silent Vibration Mode. It was Nokia’s first phone, which was ahead of its time. It had 8 MB of storage, out of which only 4 MB users could be used for use. This phone had the facility of sending e-mails etc.

3) Palm Trao

It was called Palm Trao because it was a flip phone based on Palm OS. In addition there was also monochrome touchscreen. We all remember how much we used to be crazy for this phone. This phone has increased the trend of large gadgets. This phone had a mini USB port for music and charging.

4) iPhone

The iPhone started from here and the rest is history. This was the first phone to be used not only for the style but for its great touchscreen. The iPhone took mobile technology to a different height, based on the rules required for the smartphone.

5) Samsung

Which is known for its innovation, launched a mobile series like mini-computing. This phone made a boundary for mobile which had a waterproof and curve screen. But all phones in this series only had a 5.3-inch touchscreen.


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