Honor 9 Lite with Four Cameras

How does a smartphone with four cameras work? Learn here

Huawei Company has been making dual lens camera smartphones a long time ago. The company has introduced several flagship phones with four cameras in its P series in the last two years. In particular, Chinese smartphone companies have introduced high-quality mobile cameras at Pocket-Friendly Price Point. Hawara’s recently introduced Honor 9 Lite is an example of the advanced mobile industry. This phone has a dual lens camera setup with the edge-to-edge screen, which comes not only on the rear but on the front camera. Honor 9 Lite comes with intelligent camera software with four cameras. The phone app also has a camera app that offers users more features related to the camera, which will completely change your mobile photography experience.

Camera specification:

Honor 9 is the light weight smartphone with the second quad lens camera setup. Explain that this is the first smartphone in the smartphone market, which comes with a price tag of Rs 15000 in 4 categories. Please tell that Honor 9 is the only lite camera in the light market, which is capable of operating with the Bokeh effect with the hardware level. On the front of Honor 9 Light and 13 megapixels and 2 megapixel dual camera setup on the rear. The secondary lens of 2 megapixels collects the background data information of the picture to create Bokeh’s effect in the phone. Apart from this, the phone comes with rear camera autofocus (PDAF) and 1080p video shoot capability from second to 30 frames.

Easy to use Camera app:

Explain that this phone has a camera app, which makes the experience of smartphone photography even more spectacular. Huawei has given many filters and modes in his smartphone. In the phone, the quad lens camera setup works on the phone’s camera app, which offers a number of features for the user. On turning the phone’s camera, users can see portrait mode, wide aperture mode, moving picture mode and beauty mode.

Camera settings, modes and filters in a swivel:

You must have seen many smartphone cameras which have to be quite upset to go to settings. But if you talk about Honor 9 Lite, then this phone can be used by left swipe only for import settings such as resolution, GPS, timer, touch-to-capture and many options. At the same time, if you prefer to experiment with pictures, you can access the mode section by swiping right. Here you will find many features that will enhance the experience of your photography.

These sections will find many different types of modes such as Photos, Pro Photo, Video, Pro Video, HDR, Night Shot, Panorama, Light Paintings, Time Lips, Filters, Watermarks etc. Apart from this, many color modes will also be available in this section, through which you can make your pictures special and unique.

Group Selfie, Panorama Selfie and Gesture Support:

This phone has a selfie camera with a dual lens, in which you can click Group Selfie with the help of Panorama Selfie. Not only this, the front camera of this phone comes with intelligent software, which can detect gesture and smile while clicking selfie.

Portrait shots with front and rear dual lens camera of the phone:

Users can create hardware level Bokeh effects from camera of this phone. Apart from this, you can also use portable mode and wide aperture mode from this phone. The Portrait Mode in the front camera of the phone comes with Beauty Algorithm. It recognizes the different features of Mail, Female Subjects, Baby, Adult’s face, fine-tuning the skin toll, and also enhances the picture in the picture. Many smartphones will have to be seen in the camera that the features of the mail subject begin to look like a female, but the camera clicked from the camera does not get the fake antennasment. Beauty mode can be enabled by tapping the face icon on the bottom right corner of this camera app. Apart from this, users can customize the beauty effect according to their needs.

Full Flange Pro Photo and Pro Video Mode:

If you are fond of smartphone photography and videography, Honor 9 Light is your best choice. The camera setting of this phone is not only manual mode for photos but also manual mode for video. Pro photo and Pro Video mode has been designed keeping in mind the users’ individual shooting needs. With the help of these modes, users can access metering, shutter speed, EV, manual focusing, white balance and other advanced settings.

Night Shot and Light Painting:

If you are fond of night photography or low light photography, then the Honor 9 Light is designed for you. The camera of this phone comes with a nightmare, which makes low light photography even more spectacular. The camera of this phone comes with the ability to lower the noise in low light photography. Users can adjust the ISO and exposure time in different light conditions from this camera.

Light painting in the Honor 9 Light camera is the most interstitial mode. In this mode, the Amazing Long Exposure Image can be clicked with four different Models Tail Light Trail, Light Graffiti, Silky Water and Star Trail. Just keep in mind that while shooting with these two modes you have a tripod handy.

Make pictures with Interesting Fitters Special:

The Honor 9 Lite has been given specially designed filters, which also convert a simple picture into a piece of art. Apart from this, eight more special modes have been given, from which you can give an artistic look to your photos. This phone comes with the most filters and modes, which makes its camera special from all mobile. The Honor 9 Light with four cameras is available in 15000 rupees along with many features, modes and filters with special camera quavity.


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