Nokia 3310 4G VS Reliance Jio phone

Nokia 3310 4G VS Reliance Jio phone: How much is the price

While smartphone users are growing on the one side of the market, on the other hand, the number of feature phone users is also increasing. Following this trend, smartphone makers are offering features phones with 4G support. Smartphone manufacturers have launched 4G feature phones in the last couple of times with great features in the budget price point. With the introduction of a feature phone with Reliance Jio 4G Volt capacity, feature phone technology has moved to the next level. Nokia 3310, which is considered to be the King in the feature phone, has also introduced HMD Global with 4G capabilities.

Nokia 3310 4G and Jiophone are both mobile phones. If you are thinking of purchasing a feature phone with a 4G capability, then here we compare both the phones and tell which phone will prove to be a better deal for you.

Nokia 3310 4G VS Jiophone

Both phones have a similar 2.4-inch QVGA display, which comes with 320 x 240-pixel resolution. Which chipset is given in the Nokia 3310 4G, HMD Global has not provided this information, but Jiophone has a dual-core processor. Talk about storage, so the Nokia 3310 4G has 256MB of RAM and 512MB of internal storage. Talk about the Jio phone, the phone has 512MB of RAM and 4GB internal storage.


Both Nokia 3310 4G and Geophone phones have a 2-megapixel rear camera. However, Jiophos has been given a basic VGA selfie camera.

Battery Performance:

In the case of batteries, Jiophone is ahead of Nokia 3310 4G. Jiophone has a 2000mAh battery, while Nokia’s feature phone comes with 1200mAh battery.

YunOS vs Kaios Operating System:

The Nokia 3310 4G phone has been given YunOS OS, which is the Android modify version of Alibaba Group. Users of this Nokia phone cannot download and install APK files. This phone comes with preloaded apps and books, music and audiobooks. It is likely that Facebook and Whatsapp can be used in this phone, and if this is true, then Nokia 3310 is a better phone than Jio phones.

Jiophone has a KaiOS operating system, which is a customized version of Firefox OS. This phone has JioMusic, JioMoney, JioTV, and JioCinema apps. Apart from this, the phone has also been given a voice assistant feature. It comes with an Internet browser and Facebook Whatsapp web support.


Nokia 3310 4G is currently offered in China and it is expected that HMD Global can launch the phone in the MWC 2018 event globally. There is currently no information about the price of the phone. Speaking of Jiophone, the company has called this phone a free phone. This means that this phone can be bought for Rs 1500 and after 36 months, the company will refund the 1500 cashback user.

Which phone to buy:

Nokia 3310 4G has been given Wi-Fi hotspot capability, i.e. this phone can be used as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and other devices can also be connected. In this case, Jiophone is left behind Nokia’s feature phone.

In addition, given the inbuilt voice assistant in Jiophone, this phone comes with better battery capacity. Jiophone supports NFC payment system and this phone has more RAM and storage than the Nokia 3310 4G. Jiophone comes with a TV cable, which costs 300 rupees. Through this cable, users can view the Jiophone screen on their ordinary TV. Apart from this, the company has also promised to give cash back on returning this phone, so buying a Jiophone can prove to be the best deal for you.

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