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Powerful Bluetooth Speaker Of This Year :

Bluetooth speaker no doubt is one amongst of the most popular gadgets around the youth. Youth has currently evolved into serious business line for sound producers. Wireless Bluetooth speakers essentially art off as a makeshift alternative to powered desktop speakers. However, the current market is seriously boosting wireless Bluetooth speakers from a wide range of manufacturers. 2016 was the year where the portable speakers became multifunctional, 2017 has been the year where the core focus is made on improvement in audio performance. As a result, you now have more speakers within reasonable budgets, which sound extremely great.


Rose Sound Link Revolve when it comes to core performance, Bose has beaten its competitors this year. This Bose wireless speaker is the first 360-degree firing speaker in the wireless and portable space.

The shape of Sound Link benefits, as the Sound Link Revolve+ does not need to be place at a specific angle to get the best audio output. Alos it produces well composed, clean, balanced high quality audio sound that creates it stand out among the other portable speakers.

The Bose Sound Link exceeds expectations in pronouncing the mid frequencies, at the same time retaining deep lows and clean highs.  All this is combined with the sweet, warm timbre and very low distortion levels in its sound. The design of the speaker may be a bit polarising. There is no doubt about its premium positioning from the single sheath metal body and indented rubber buttons. To sum all that up, the Bose Sound Link Revolve is the Zero l Best Performing Bluetooth Speaker of 2017.

BEST BUY UE Wonderboom :

The Wonderboom is an example where the Logitech’s puts its audio into the expert arms, Ultimate Ears has always exceeded expectations to build small. The ultra portability and impressively good sounding speakers at affordable prices. This year Zerol Best Buy award has gone to its new family member the Wonderboom. The UE Wonderboom retains the depth of low frequencies and vocals and cleans in tandem with bass lines. Its small space makes it fit into almost any corner of tightly packed backpacks. And because of the reasonably small price tag, this product can be easily affordable by more people.

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