Now mobile number will be of 13 digits

Now mobile number will be of 13 digits, 10 digit can also upgrade…

Your mobile number will change very soon. Yes, the mobile number will soon be 13 digits instead of 10 digits. A letter issued on behalf of the public sector telecom company BSNL has been said about the significant change in the mobile number. In addition, the mobile number of these users will be 10 digit. They will also be able to upgrade their mobile number to 13 digits from 1 October to 31 December 2018. According to the report, as per BSNL, the letter has been reported from its network management vendors, in which it has been informed that new subscribers will be given 13 digit mobile numbers instead of 10 digits.

This work will start from 1 July 2018. Apart from this, the old subscribers of BSNL will also be able to transmit their mobile number from 10 digits to 13 digits and this can be done between October 1 and December 31, 2018. According to the reports, there is no scope for new mobile numbers in the 10-digit level now. For this reason, the 13-digit mobile series is being replaced instead of the digits.

However, there is no information about whether the existing 10 digit mobile numbers of BSNL will be invulable after December 31. It is being said that BSNL has spoken to its partner ZTE Telecom and Nokia Solutions for this. At present, there is no information that other telecom operators other than BSNL will make these changes for their subscribers.

If 10 numbers of mobile numbers are actually changed in number 13, then it is obvious that remembering these numbers will be a bit difficult. Where it takes time to remember any new 10 digit mobile number, it will be difficult to remember every 13 digit mobile number and users will be forced to see their phone book every time.

There is another side that in the case of business, 13 digit mobile number may also cause problems to users. The Bank also has the provision of writing a 10 digit mobile number for the time being. The most difficult thing is that after a lot of time the government said, mobile users had linked their mobile number to the base. Once the number changes, the mobile number will be linked to the base, which can really disturb mobile number consumers. Stay tuned for updates on this news.

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